Essentials of Opportunity


  • Economic Opportunity - Trickle down economics remains a failure, and working people should not live in poverty. Delayed infrastructure projects mean that more would-be workers are out of a job. Our small businesses are struggling while larger companies get the state’s ATM pin. People deserve a living wage, public works are an immediate way to train and bring new people into the workforce, and smart investment in small businesses will go a long way for a lot of people.


  • Education - Eliminating barriers that students in high poverty districts face means that all of our children can succeed in great community schools. Two year college should be made available, free to students right out of high school to help them get into careers sooner. Those who chose four year college should be able to do so without the burden of debt, and those with current student loans should be able to refinance them like other types of loans.


  • Environment - The natural beauty of Wisconsin attracts tens of millions of visitors per year who spend real money - protecting our natural resources is good for business. From rural communities to urban centers, clean air and drinking water should be an expectation in the 21st century, but CAFOs and lead contamination hinder this reality. Fighting climate change with renewable energy, starting with upgrading our public buildings to be be more energy efficient will help spur job growth in every community and lower our future costs.